• 1 SRF Petite Striploin Roast (about 3 lbs.)
            • 3 Tablespoons olive oil
            • Kosher salt
            • Freshly cracked black pepper
            • 1 Sprig fresh sage
            • 2 Sprigs fresh rosemary
            • 3 Sprigs fresh thyme


 1. Remove your roast from the refrigerator and allow it to come to room temperature for about 20-30 mins.
2. Rub the roast with olive oil and season liberally on all sides with kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper.
3. Place the herbs on the fat side of the roast and secure it with a butcher's twine all around. During the cooking process, the herbs will release oils which will help flavor the steak.
4. Preheat a wood pellet grill to 220°F. Option: Use the oven in your kitchen. Just set the temperature to 220°F.
5. Transfer the roast to the pellet grill. Place the steak directly on the grates with the fat side up. Close the smoker and cook for about 2 hrs. or until the internal temperature reads 125°F. The best way to ensure this is by using a meat thermometer.
6. After the roast has reached the desired temperature of 125°F, heat the smoker to 500°F and sear all sides for one minute each. This should give you a nice even crust.
7. Remove the roast and transfer it to a sheet pan lined with a wire rack and loosely tent it with aluminum foil. Allow it to rest at room temperature for about 20 mins. The residual heat will carry over and bring your steak to about 125°F for a nice medium rare.
8. After resting, slice the roast against the grain and enjoy it with your favorite sauces. For this preparation, I recommend a chimichurri or a horseradish cream sauce.