6 Facts Every Steak Lover Should Know

If you consider yourself as a steak connoisseur, then knowing the meatiest facts about your beloved beef should be a must! Here are eight cool facts that will make you one step closer to becoming a legitimate steak buff:

  1. There are sixteen different primary cuts of steak that every steak lovers should try. These range from Sirloin to Rib, or Blade, as well as many variations, which are a combination or mixture of primary cuts, such as Porterhouse or T-bone made from Top Loin and Tenderloin. If you have had one steak, then you have certainly not had them all! There are plenty of choices when it comes to steak.

  2. Overcooked meat at high temperatures has been linked to cancer, especially prostate cancer for men. An overcooked steak does not only result in a bitter and bad tasting meal but can also be very bad for your health.

  3. Grilling will always be the best way to cook your steak. It retains the best flavors in the meat because it is a lower process and the coal allows the meat to heat evenly.

  4. If you’re not sure about what to order in a steakhouse, always go for the porterhouse. It is composed of two different parts which have a melt-in- your- mouth tender taste from its sirloin part and a tender but slightly chewy texture on its filet mignon side.

  5. Ribeye is the highest-selling steak among consumers and why not? It is juicy and has naturally-beefy flavors making it an all-time favorite steak in most steakhouses. It is so rich in flavor that it doesn't require much marination or any at all.

  6. The word ‘Steak’ originally means meat on a stick. It is said to be coined from an old Saxon or Norse Word “steik” which literally translates to a meat served in a stick. Although the name has stuck, steaks today are much more popularly known as a sliced meat that is cooked through grilling, roasting or frying.