6 Common Mistakes While Cooking Steak

We’ve rounded up the worst mistakes people should avoid while preparing their steaks to give you a tip on how you should reach for a full-flavored perfect meal.

  1. Cooking a steak that’s fresh from the fridge.

    Steaks should come up to room temperature to get a more even cooking process. If a meat is too cold, the outside will char but the inside will be undercooked making it unappealing and decidedly not delicious.

  2. Cutting the steak right away.

    American chef and author, Anthony Bourdain, once mentioned in his interview that one of the biggest mistakes backyard grillers do is to haul the meat off the grill and cut it right away. Bourdain says that after cooking a piece of meat, letting it sit on the board for 10 to 15 minutes "makes all the difference in the world" — if you just leave it alone.

  3. Not seasoning the steak enough.

    Top chefs’ recommendation is to be generous when it comes to seasoning your steak. Each side should be season with different combinations of salt and spices and should be season more than once.

  4. Poking the steak from time to time.

    Poking the steak will lead to all the blood, flavor and juices of your steak from leaching out.

  5. Not cooking the steak in high heat.

    A piece of steak should be cooked in a pan or grill that’s screaming hot. Not letting the pan heat enough will result to losing out the caramelization and will just end up steaming your steak making it a bland piece of gray meat.

  6. Not re-seasoning the steak before serving.

    A lot of the seasoning gets lost during the cooking process so do not forget to add a little bit of salt and pepper according to your preference before serving.