Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general & delivery guidelines?

Customers who order within the day (before 12pm) can expect their products to be delivered the same day. Orders after Saturday 12pm will be delivered on Monday

Customers must provide a complete and valid address or indicate any special instructions for the driver if deemed necessary.

Customers must provide a valid and contactable number in case the driver is unable to locate the household.

The maximum wait time of the driver is ten (10) minutes. If after 10 minutes and the customer or a representative has failed to receive the order, the order will be returned to our facility at the customer’s cost.

Products should immediately be placed in the freezer upon receipt unless the products will be thawed for immediate use (or are already fully defrosted).

Weights of items will naturally vary due to freezing/thawing conditions.

What are my shipping options?

Our aim is to deliver same day for orders made before 12pm, but in certain instances your order will be next day. Orders made after 12pm will be delivered next day (except Sunday). You will be notified of your order delivery window via email.

How are shipping costs calculated?

Delivery cost is a flat fee of P250 per order, unless your order exceeds a net value of P5,000. If your order exceeds P5,000 net, shipping is free. Please note that distance may affect the quality of the food due to longer delivery time.

In what conditions are your products shipped? Will my products remain frozen during delivery?

Every item is individually vacuum-sealed and/or retained in its original plastic packaging and delivered in thermo cases to keep them frozen. We aim to implement a max 3-hour freezer to home delivery to maintain its frozen state. However, conditions of the product will vary depending on the weather and other factors.

Can I refreeze products after they have been delivered?

As long as a cut has not been completely defrosted it can be placed in the freezer without any potential harm to the flavor.

After a cut has been completely defrosted, we do not recommend re-freezing it. Defrosted products can be kept in the refrigerator in their original packaging and should be used in approximately 7 days.